Origin Story

THINGAMAJIGIT: Ultra cool, rare, unique, super fun or otherwise amazing object. Often includes comics, toys, action figures, cards, stickers, pens, t-shirts and much, much more!!!!



Beeda started his comic book life in Fort Collins, CO by riding his bike to his local comic shop. His love of comics was driven by his even greater love of action figures. Beeda had boxes and boxes of toys and he was occupied for hours.

Flash forward to college. Beeda holds an art degree so he’s never strayed very far from the creative side of toys and illustration, but he let his collection fall to the wayside and his back pocket was a little heftier.

After spending some time in NYC, Beeda rekindled his love of comics and toys. So he did what any sensible adult would do….he started a comic store. Then he decided people would benefit from beer and comic books. its the best of both worlds right?

Now here you are, reading his story and hopefully filling out your own collection.